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Message from our president

Our Euljikwan Style was founded in Seoul on October 1, 1960, by Master KIM Yong Jin, whom then dispatched instructors to the whole country in order to spread this style and open their own Dojang, counted among the best ones in the Korea Hapkido Federation. Euljikwan is well known in Korea to make Dojangs with the best masters and techniques.

In Korea, It is very important for Hapkido practitioners to know who their Master is and the lineage they come from. In that regard, Masters or instructors unaffiliated to a style have no legitimacy and it is hard for them to be recognized. I hope that all Hapkido practitioners in this group will always be proud to be part of the continuation and transmission of the best Hapkido skills and feel lucky to belong to the traditional Euljikwan school and lineage. Now Euljikwan people just became one with the creation of the Euljikwan World Union with the same goal, do our best to develop Euljikwan style inside the Korea Hapkido Federation and the world.


- Gm Ju Ung Seo

Euljikwan Institutional Video



Tel. +82 10-5374-8353

을지관- Euljikwan

Address : 충북제천시용두천로256 (장락동) - Cheongbuk Jecheon Yongducheon-ro 256 (Janglakdong)



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